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New patients are always welcome at the office of Couture Dentistry family dentist, located in the Willow Bend neighborhood of Plano. Dr. Nelson Lo's main focus is in complex dental cases including oral surgery, cosmetic and full mouth reconstruction as well as general dentistry. Luxury accommodations and exceptional technical services combine to bring you complete dental care in one convenient location.

Dr. Nelson Lo's patients in Plano, Texas receive care from one of the top dentists in the nation along with access to some of the top dental laboratories in the country. And his beautifully appointed office is conveniently located just off Dallas North Tollway, near Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Plano and fine retail shopping. You might expect to pay astronomical fees for his services, but you would be wrong. Dr. Lo is a dentist open on Saturday and he is an affordable dentist. Dr. Nelson Lo's prices are in line with general dentist's offices in the area, and he works diligently to help patients maximize their insurance benefits. Because state-of-the-art technology and quality materials are imperative for excellent dental services, Couture Dentistry employs:

measurements down to two-tenths of a millimeter (3D treatment planning is critical especially in the realm of root canal therapy and surgical care as vital anatomy can be detected and errors can be avoided when planned in such detail)

About Couture Dentistry

At Couture Dentistry / Dental Implant Surgical Institute, we strive to help you have a clear understanding of all the dental options available to you so that you can always make a clear choice when it comes to the dental treatment and affordable dental in Plano, Texas that is best for you.

Understanding all of your options helps you, the patient, focus on your dental needs. Whether it is for implants, cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, Invisalign™ hygiene maintenance, cracked tooth, false teeth, toothache pain relief, or a tooth infection our team will be there to educate you and help you make clear choices. The following services at Couture Dentistry / Dental Implant Surgical Institute allows you to always make a clear choice in your dental treatment:

Experienced Doctors: Led by a nationally recognized general dentist, Dr. Lo is the top 1% of his group of dentist due to the volume and complexity of cases involving cosmetic dentistry and surgical placement of dental implants. With years of experience and knowledge from a one of a kind residency program at the University of Chicago Hospitals, Couture Dentistry / Dental Implant Surgical Institute is the clear choice when it comes to receiving the highest level of dental care in Plano, Texas possible! Couture Dentistry / Dental Implant Surgical Institute also offers a wide spectrum of restorative and preventative dental services. Each service is designed to extend the life of your teeth and total dental health, which then contributes to your physical comfort, outer appearance and your inner confidence. If you have a sore tooth, toothache, wisdom teeth pain, tooth decay, or my teeth hurt, we can help.

State of the Art Technology: Couture Dentistry / Dental Implant Surgical Institute uses Kodak Digital 3D CT scan imaging equipment to precisely determine your diagnosis, which visually provides a clear solution in developing your treatment plan.

Nobel Biocare Surgical Dental Implant Procedures: Dr. Lo is a leader in teaching and mentoring dentists nationally in the Nobel Biocare Procedures, including the "All-on-4". If you are looking for Nobel Biocare dental implants, Dr. Lo is the clear choice as your implant dentist.

Personal Consultations: Couture Dentistry / Dental Implant Surgical Institute strives to help you understand every aspect of your dental needs and concerns by providing you assistance with your questions and educating you on the options available to you. Every member of our team is here to guide you, from your very first phone call, to the ongoing maintenance of your dental health care. We have many people come to us for cracked tooth, false teeth, toothache relief, my teeth hurt, tooth whitening, lower jaw pain, antibiotics for tooth infection, wisdom teeth pain relief, front tooth pain, toothache pain relief, how to stop a toothache, teeth whitening trays, root canals, wisdom tooth pain relief, toothache after filling, and cavity pain.

Complimentary Consultation: Couture Dentistry / Dental Implant Surgical Institute offers you the opportunity to consult with our dentists regarding your dental care at no cost to you. Together we can discuss the advantages to implants, cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign™ or a second opinion. If you need a new dentist, affordable dentist, or family dentist, we can help.

Treatments and Services

From complex surgical dental implant cases to a simple deep bleaching of teeth, Dr. Nelson Lo personally performs most procedures. Patients rarely encounter the hassle - and expense - of going to different specialists. With Couture Dentistry's "All in One" dental experience, their high-tech treatment facility provides the highest level of patient care every step of the way. While treatment options will vary from dentist to dentist in Plano, Texas, "I want people to feel secure by coming to Couture Dentistry," Dr. Nelson Lo said. "I present all options available to my patients - some they may not realize are available due to my extensive training." Dr. Nelson Lo welcomes his patients' questions and considers it his duty and honor to explain every procedure so patients are comfortable knowing what to expect prior to treatment as well as any follow-up care. For patients with dental insurance, Dr. Nelson Lo and his professional team endeavor to maximize benefits by coordinating care and staging treatments at the most opportune time. For uninsured patients, Couture Dentistry can provide financing options to best suit your budget. Every effort is made to present you with the positive and negatives when choosing between options - regardless of your financial status. "Common sense is key when choosing appropriate care," Dr. Nelson Lo said. "We believe in a conservative, preventive approach to dentistry and sometimes options may include little or no treatment at all." While Dr. Nelson Lo provides general dentistry for his patients through routine checkups, he's also cross-trained in prosthodontics and oral surgery, ensuring they'll rarely, if ever, need an outside specialist - even for the most complex treatments and extractions - resulting in saving them money. New dentist, prosthodontist, root canal cost, denist, false teeth, family dentist, affordable dentist, dentist appointment, cosmetic teeth, dental spa, dental costs, types of dentists.


Dr. Nelson Lo has celebrities and politicians fly in from all over the world because of his unique expertise in both cosmetic and surgical dentistry. From complex surgical dental implant cases, lower jaw pain, root canals, to a simple deep bleaching of teeth, Dr. Nelson Lo can personally perform most procedures. Patients rarely have the hassle of going to different specialists. With Couture Dentistry's "All in One" dental experience, our high tech treatment facility provides the highest level of patient care every step of the way.

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Dr. Nelson Lo is Highly Regarded Among His Colleagues

Dr. Nelson Lo trained as my resident at the University of Chicago from 2008 through 2009. This training provided wide-ranging experiences in the areas of dental implant rehabilitation and in maxillofacial prosthetics - including the fabrication of surgical, interim, and definitive obturators - as well pre- and post-radiation therapy and chemotherapy oral care for our large population of head and neck cancer patients. What struck me as most impressive about Dr. Nelson Lo was how rapidly he was able to grasp the theoretical concepts and learn the techniques involved so as to meet the treatment needs of the head and neck cancer patient. Over the many years I have served as a program director, I have experienced a marked range in capabilities in my residents, but I have to say that Dr. Nelson Lo stood out both in terms of acquisition of basic knowledge and the development of the critical skill sets needed to be successful in this field. I found this particularly impressive in someone so new to the profession of dentistry. No insurance dentist, family dental clinic, family dentistree, family dental center, dental treatment, childrens dental, dentist coupons, family dental associates.

Today, I would be very pleased and confident to work alongside Dr. Nelson Lo as a colleague in managing the most challenging of head and neck cancer patients, and so believe that any patients referred to him could depend on receiving the highest quality of care.

Joseph A. Toljanic, DDS
Chief, Section of Dentistry -
Director, Maxillofacial Prosthodontics
Fellowship Program - University of Chicago

I had the pleasure of working with Nelson Lo in 2008. At that time, we had a thriving dental section at the University of Chicago. Nelson was indispensable in providing not only dental support but prosthetic reconstruction skills for patients with head and neck cancer. In addition to all phases of general dentistry and oral maxillofacial surgery, Dr. Nelson Lo also has established expertise in oral prosthetic rehabilitation.
He possesses the skills to manage the dental issues of head and neck cancer patients' pre- and post-radiation therapy. Peroxide teeth whitening, best way to whiten teeth, how to whiten your teeth, deep cleaning, how to get white teeth, how to get whiter teeth, tartar on teeth, tooth extraction cost, what is plaque, how to make teeth whiter, deep cleaning teeth, teeth clenching, plaque on teeth, cavities between teeth, tooth removal, cavity between teeth, cost of dental cleaning, teeth tartar. He is capable of placing dental implants into newly constructed mandibles after ablative cancer surgery in Dallas, Texas. He is talented, extremely hard working and of the highest character.

Kerstin M. Stenson, M.D, F.A.C.S.
Director of Head and Neck Program
Professor of Surgery
The University of Chicago | Otolaryngology